SL Roll Bar Light

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Mar 1, 2008
SL320 & CLK320 209
Hi Guys
Had quite a few problems with my roof on SL320 1997 few months back. In the end i Sent roof unit off to BBA Reman to be repaired.

When i fitted it back i resynced windows and all was working fine except roll bar was finishing in upward position when roof was put up and down. If i put the roll bar down manually the orange light would come on the dash and the roll bar switch would flash.

Sent back to BBA and they reprogrammed it again, now the roll bar stays in down position when roof is put up and down but problem is roll bar switch is flashing and orange roll bar light is on dash.

Had a friend take it to someone he knows to put it on star machineand it found a fault which was 130 Control Unit N52. Does anybody know what this means?

Also when you fit the roof unit back should the battery be disconnected or fuse removed for roof unit?

Is there anyway of resyncing roll bar from car like with the windows as nothing in manual?

Thought all my problems were over, roof and windows etc work fine but obviously fault light should not be on with roll bar switch flashing:confused: Any ideas guys
I don't think there's anything you can do with the rollbar yourself. I had the switch LEDs permanently on (but no rollbar warning light on the dash) after low voltage at startup. But that showed as a sensor/microswitch error on STAR, and all was fine after they cleared it.

Sounds to me like this is still a problem with your repaired roof control unit.
Forgot to add, I first tried pulling each fuse in turn and then leaving the battery disconnected for a couple of hours ... made no difference.

Good luck with getting it sorted.

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