SL320 Roll Bar Light 1997

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Mar 1, 2008
SL320 & CLK320 209
Hi Guys
Had quite a few problems with my roof on SL320 1997 few months back. I Sent roof unit off to BBA Reman to be repaired under warranty.

When i fitted it back i resynced windows and all is working fine except roll bar is finishing in upward position when roof is put up and down. If i put the roll bar down manually the roll bar switch flashes continuous, if i leave roll bar up roll bar light goes out but orange roll bar warning light on dash stays on regardless

Its the third time its been back to them, funny thing is everything does work ie windows, roof goes up and down but the warning lights stay on.

Had the car on star machine last time round and it found a fault which was 130 Control Unit N52.I gave this code to BBA in case it helped?? Does anybody know what this code is?

Is there anyway that the roll bar can be reset from the car, nothing in the manual?
Cheers Bill, I may take it back to the garage to put it on star again.Problem is the cost everytime!! But no choice... I'm pretty sure i've read somewhere that roll bars can be reset from the car.....just cant think where:crazy:
I once had some rollbar errors on my car (also a '97) after the battery voltage dipped at startup. Tried all sorts of stuff including battery disconnect and leaving it standing with various fuses pulled - no joy. As you say, there's nothing in the handbook. Got a local M-B indi to reset via STAR, think they charged me £50.

I bought an AccuMate charger after that ;)

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