SL500 Multiple Fault Codes HELP!

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Jun 11, 2023
Hello, I was hoping someone can help me find out what's wrong and what reapirs I need to carry out to get my 2002 SL500 R230 up and running normally again.

The car turns on and drives fine, there's no bad sounds from the engine etc when driving the brakes stop working and i have to essentially hit the brakes 3-4 times to come to an abrupt stop (i only drive it slow on private land because of this)

The lights on the dash are SRS, ABS, ESP, check engine light and low coolant level.

The previous owner for some reason had a BMW battery in the back and so i changed that to a new Lion 096 AMG 70ah 760cc battery and it took away some fault codes but still some are remaining. The roof also doesn't open/close fully.

Fault codes are:

Engine: P0151 / P0131 / P1999 / P0561 / P0101
ESP: C14BT (steering angle sensor not initialized) / C14F8 (overvoltage supply)
Braking system: C24F8 (overvoltage AT terminal 87)
Roof module: B1166 + B1167 = power steer oil level too low

Could someone please help me figure this out? I am able to carry out some repairs myself but if it needs a lot of engine work then i'd have to take it to a mechanic

Appreciate the help in advance!


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