SL55 AMG Kompressor into CLK500

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Apr 27, 2018
CLK 500
I have a 2003 CLK500, and have recently acquired an engine and gearbox from a 2003 SL55 AMG Kompressor which I hope are destined to be transplanted. The engine and gearbox have come complete with the wiring looms ECU, TCU, heat exchanger and all of the pipes, ancillaries etc.

My understanding is that they should fundamentally fit, however I feel very concerned about many aspects of the work, I am assuming that the wiring looms, ECU, TCU, and the heat exchanger should all be transplanted from the donor car, and I very much hope they will be compatible. Some thoughts i've had is that my car doesn't have flappy paddles and I think the SL does, I'm wondering if the gearbox will work OK just using D and the manual overide with the gear lever in the C and S settings.

My other thought is will the diff ratio in my car be OK with the SL gearbox.

My car is already fitted with with a CLK55 exhaust system so I guess this will help a bit.

All observations and suggestions would be gratefully received. Obviously I'm trying to avoid unforeseen pitfalls, and/or getting a long way down the line only to find it just won't work.

If anyone can point me in the direction of someone who might be able to help with advice, or the work that would also be appreciated.
Google ‘M113K CLK swap’ plenty of threads/discussions.

Good luck
I’m sure it will be more complex in reality than you hope it will be right now, but with some skill and/or deep pockets - and a sprinkling of good luck - anything is possible.

I can’t help unfortunately, but good luck with the project, and do keep us updated.
As above.

Mercedes-Benz and AMG fitted an M113 Kompressor engine into a 209 so it can be done, but do not underestimate the amount of work involved.

You’ll either need plenty of technical knowledge, equipment and time or very deep pockets and patience!

Good luck though :)

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