SL60 AMG Wheel Black Leather + AIRBAG

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    SL60 AMG Wheel Black Leather + AIRBAG Plus other r129 items!!

    As the project goes on im getting lots of stuff building up so might aswell see if someone wants them here before i fleebay them.

    SL60 AMG Wheel In Black leather Also the Airbag. Ill post photos later.
    See the airbags go for abit on fleebay. So make me an offer.

    Got a Black gear knob with mercedes star ill photo that too.

    Got a silver arrow offwhite/silver and black gear knob aswell, might be selling the steering wheel aswell.

    2 Grey leather seats, drivers side ive nailed the seat belt thingy trying to take it out. Need to put the seatbelt tensioner back in. Passenger side is ok. Make me an offer on those as just taking space and are massive. They have ortho bits on them too.

    Got the full carpet inside, not the boot though in grey.
    All the bits of trim, minus the center console and doorcards someone already had those. Also someone bought the rear seats, wow those fetched some serious money, only thing i flee bayed.

    The back discs are part worn so im chucking them, but the front discs are nearly new, i have invoice they were fitted about 600 miles ago along with pads, i think they are 320mm and vented, might be a nice upgrade for someone, again give me an offer.
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