SLC (W107/C107) Parts Catelogue Numbers

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Oct 3, 2008
Hello All,

I have just bought my new 450SLC, it has been a joy driving it. It is a 1978 model with velour interior and brown bodywork.

I have said hello to some of you in the general section, but if I haven't hello again.

The car I bought is quite cheap off Ebay, I guess I was lucky that even though the car has no service history it runs fine and engine is great. The last owner had it for a long time and had lots of receipts from Mercedes (parts). The owner does all the work himself.

I have currently identified some work which will improve the car, the more important ones being the steering coupler or the bushing and also the vibration mount on on the engine and the one connecting the airfilter box with the engine.

Could anyone please divert me to somewhere I could find part numbers or tell me the part please? I am really grateful for it.

Please also share your experience with this engine or this model (C107) as well please. I am very interested and have fallen for the car.

Hello Howard,

Great, thanks very much, that's excellent.


I am wondering where is the best place to order parts? Preferably online?

Hi. Excellent choice of car. I've had my 450 slc for a year now and it's been brilliant. The only experience of the engine I've had is absolute reliability. It hasn't even required any oil top up since it was last serviced, November '07.

Running cost wise I had the car fully serviced Nov '07 including auto. 'box fluid and filter. This was £385 at a good Mercedes specialist. Insurance is only £185 p/a as is RFL. I won't mention the fuel consumption!

The only niggles when I first bought the car were a vacuum system problem preventing the seats locking down (a potential MOT fail point) and the passenger door central locking from operating. This took about 20 seconds to fix. The sunroof was reluctant to close and the intermittent windscreen wipe didn't operate. I fixed these items within forty minutes, after spending an hour on the 'net finding out how!

The only problem that persists, so far, are blocked front sunroof drains, resulting in water ingress if the car is parked nose down (so I park nose up). These cars are renowned for water ingress problems, so watch out for this. I've decided to let the specialist have a go at this when I take it for a service next month.

The SLC is a joy to drive and it's one of those cars where the feeling doesn't wear off. They are undiscovered treasure (market wise) in my opinion.

I hope you enjoy yours.

PS. A good source of new spares is
Hello All,

Thanks very much for all your replies, the sites are very useful, I have seen them online, but haven't made contact yet.

NickC, I have had my 450SLC for less than a week, but since I am only 20, coming to 21 in December, I am having a struggle finding insurance, the cheapest one I could find was 2000 pounds, but I have passed on that. I have decided to make my Spitfire my main car and then this as a limited milaege classic when I am 21.

I have the same problem with the vacuum system. Could you provide me with some insight into how to fix that? Especially when it seems so easy. I would really appreciate it.

Thanks very much,
The vacuum system - I have to admit this was a bit of a fluke.

I only noticed the failure of the locking seat function after getting the car home, spent some time pouring over the internet and realized many people have problems with it. Anyway, I popped the bonnet had a look around and saw the cluster of vacuum valves between the battery and bulkhead. One of them had become disconnected from a hose, the two were reunited and the two nonfunctioning devices worked properley again.

My car had a new battery installed a few months beforehand and the removal of the battery had disturbed a vacuum hose and valve. Chances are that the battery has been disturbed on your slc if its been standing for a while, prior to being resurected, so check each of those valves at the bulkhead next to the battery.

Apologies if you already know this, but regarding the seat lock function - it only operates when the engine is running, by design. Also, the vacuum reservoir only has capacity to allow the central locking to be activated four or five times once the engine has been shut down.

I use Footman James for insurance, a classic policy and although this is a daily driver I only cover 3500 miles or so a year. I'm 40 so I guess that's why it's fairly cheap.

A Spitfire and a 450SLC, I admire your good taste in cars Angus.
Hello NickC,

Thanks for the guide, I have actually not came across this guide before, the Haynes manual is good, but haven't been able to find that part.

Your SLC looks great! I am thinking about having mine respray to a simlar colour, or black, or a 2 tone black on silver option. So how long have you own the car? I am not sure whether my car has needs a bit of tuning as it seems dragging along in normal speed, soon after acceleration the car slows down. Does your do the same?

I actually originally wanted a TR6, but soon realise the price range is a little too much and a Spitfire does the job, hopefully when I start working full time after university I will be able to afford to run a TR6 and a 450SLC.

Out of curiosity (sorry about the amount of questions) what garage do you use and what would be the normal problems with these cars apart from rust?

I remember that feeling that the car lost momentum rapidly after lifting off the throttle. I think it's just because of the way the car is geared. I don't notice it anymore.

I've had my SLC a year now and it has to live outside unfortunately - my garage is too narrow to allow the drivers door to be opened once the car is in! It hasn't suffered from this as far as I can see and I wash it very thoroughly once a week and apply wax every two weeks. I make sure there is no soil or anything lurking behind the wheel arches and mud flaps and so on. The fact it's used evey day helps to keep it running well. The only time I don't use it is when grit is applied to the roads, I find other means of transport then.
My SLC had £10,000 spent on partial restoration at Normand, (London) back in 1998, so the condition is remarkable for a relatively cheap car. There are just four very small defects on the paint that I will have seen to over the next few months. I keep putting it off until I buy a second car again.

The buyers guide to get is 'The Essential Buyers Guide' (for W107) by Chris Bass. It's stocked at Amazon and only £6.99. The auther is an erudite chap when it comes to these cars - well worth having.

The three things that spring to mind with these cars, in terms of problems, are rust, rust and rust. The only other thing that could spell the end are the exhaust manifold gaskets. They are an engine out job and it would be easier to buy another car, unless it's somthing in very solid condition and worth a fair bit. The really bad area for terminal rust is the bulkhead and inner wings. The 107 has channels running between the inner and outer front wings to allow water to drain from the air intakes foward of the windscreen. It's vital these are kept clear. There are also two hoses running from the air box and exit through the floor. These have to be kept clear and if one/both become detached you can end up with a very wet floor. There are several other areas that allow water ingress at the front and rear. The other areas to watch are the sills and arches, particularly the area between the lower half of the door and the rear wheel.

It would be worth your while testing the four sunroof drains. The front exit out of the front drain on the sill. The rear spill the water out through the vent gap just after the rear side window chrome work.

Another thing worth doing is removing all the fuses, cleaning the metal fuse holders/terminals and installing new fuses. I once had the indicators, windows and instruments fail simultaineously, the fuse looked fine, but turned to dust when I moved it. They oxidize, look okay, but are not.

The beauty of these old Mercedes are that they are generally uncomplicated and certainly remarkably well built, so if you've bagged a solid car you should have few problems.

I used to work in the motor trade and the only Mercedes we continually had problems with were the A, C and E Class cars built between 1999 to 2002. The electrical problems could be a nightmare and the resistance to corrosion was lacking somewhat with some of them, although this was more random in its occurance.
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Hello NickC,

Thanks very much for your useful and comprehensive message. The main problems I have identified so far are as you said the rust part.

Some are bubbles, but the worst part is the quarter panel behind the door infront of the rear wheels, but luckily I have bought a new left hand one and hopefully will find someone to fit it soon. The other rust looks like they are easily repariable. The sills are in great conditions. I checked inside the engine bay and it seems pretty solid.

I have also found a broken cable in the engine bay behind the battey, infront of the windscreen, I think it could be one of the vacuum tube. I will definitely test out all the drainage areas. I am lucky enough to have an in door parking space and hopefully it will not deteriorate in the time being.

I am planning to keep this one for a while and will definitely spend some money on it to get it back. As I said I bought the car quite cheaply, with a full 12 MOT (no advisory) for a little over one thousand pounds.

My theory is that if I spend two thousand pounds of it, the car would only cost three thousand pounds and it will last a long time and is very practical. I am hoping to keep it for more than 10 years, so well into my late twenties/early thirties.

I hope your 450SLC is putting a smile on your face. Keep me inform of you and your car!


I'm also a new owner of old 450 SLC (pleasure to meet you here),

I also have trouble locating all the drains in my car. Does anyone know about the picture showing the location of all drain enter/exit points in the car body?
I'd imagine such picture might have been drawn by someone, if not by Mercedes designers...


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