Slightly Miffed.

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Brian 1

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Nov 20, 2015
MB A Class 180d sport
My wife hates my car, (CLS 250Cdi) too big, too flash, and not easy to park......:dk:
My wife hates my car, (CLS 250Cdi) too big, too flash, and not easy to park......:dk:

Sounds like a result...does that mean she will not be driving it?:bannana:
For god sake man, IT'S A CAR!!!!

Some things in life are more important.

Just get rid for another one

I'm sure she'll find another man soon.
Don't worry, they are all irrational!

My wife hates my E63 for the same reasons and would prefer it if I got a Vauxhall Mokka :wallbash:
I was talking to someone recently who mentioned his missus has a CLS. I asked how she got on parking it at the supermarket etc and he genuinely seemed to have no idea what I was talking about. My wife won't even take my C Class anywhere if parking is likely to be an issue.
Me and my Mrs share the driving equally, I drive down the pub...
I only bought the CLK because my wife won't travel any distance in the Nissan. - Too noisy and uncomfortable.
Keep the car, then trade the wife in......

Problem solved.......
Be careful what you wish for. A wife who wants big, fast, expensive car has it's drawbacks too. I speak from experience. I used to have Mrs D's handmedown phones. I now have her handmedown cars.
A problem aired is a problem shared and the consensus is that the wife has to go....................and get another car! :D
LMAO, all very funny, even the x wife
You should worry, my wife hates all my cars, with the possible exception of the R107. Pity that's going soon! :)
No wife, five cars. Like polygamy but with less birthdays to remember.
Blimey a CLS too big and too flash? Where do you live if that is considered flash? She should try our GLS ;)

My other half is perfectly fine in the GLS, in three years we've found about 3 car parks where we didn't fit. Only problem we've got with parking is the other idiots who can't stay within the lines with their much smaller cars.

Saying that we are downsizing to a GLC43 as we basically rarely used to use the 7 seats.

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