slightly sneaky multi car policy folks...

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Aug 21, 2012
I just bought a second car, the C63, which I was shopping around for quotes for, and called my current insurer Elephant, who insure my old A3. I didn't realise they were Admiral, so they offered me a multi car policy.

My current policy runs out in January, they said "take out a new policy for the new car, and if you like transfer your 4 years NCB over, then on your Audi renewal in January, we'll renew it until September, and thereafter both cars will renew on the multicar policy together" The quote for the C63 came in at almost £1600 that way.

I then realised that by doing that, I'm essentially extending the period of my 4 year NCB for another year. So I asked to do a car change on the existing policy, so that I'd go to 5 years NCB in January, and start a new policy with the Audi. Essentially the reverse of what they suggested.

She had no idea why I wanted to do that, even with a lot of explaniation. Her way, I dont get to 5 years NCB until September 2013, my way, I get there in January only paying 4 months at the higher rate for my more expensive car, as opposed to 12 months. My quote for the C63 with 5 years NCB for January to september (when it joins the Audi on multicar) comes in at about £780....... (plus I have to pay the difference for now until Jan which is about £288) and the increase in the older car insurance which I'm a little hazy on, but I think is between £90 to £100

Once I was passed through to customer service from sales to make the change to the existing policy the guy I spoke to understood the situation and my logic, straight away.

Quite the saving in my book, and it makes me wonder how many people they've caught out like that in the past!

Cliff notes:

If you only have 1 NCB, change the existing policy then add the older car, rather then adding the newer car and transferring the NCB!

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