Slippery Path

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Jul 14, 2002
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No no I've not been drinking too regularly or placing bigger bets than I can afford.

I mean my path is slippery!

My front and rear garden paths have a combination of yellow circular patterned thingies growing on surface as well as being incredibly slippery/greasy.

You really have to tread carefully and slowly they are that bad so I am as much concerned for vsitors who don't know it's like a trap from the Goonies as I am for myself and g'friend.

My current plan is to use a stiff broom and my Karcher with the high pressure nozzel and have a goodd scrub.

While I am going to this effort is there a product or household cleaner I may have that will make the effort more worthwhile?
If it is a large area wobble off and get a Karcher Hard Surface Cleaner: the water powered hovercraft on a stick type thingy.

Works well and reduces buggeration factor but only if your pressure washer has a reasonable water flow rate.

Pretty much any of patio surface cleaners I have used were useless other than those that were hugely plant and grass unfriendly and intended for spot/stain use
Stone cleaners are nothing more than expensive ways of buying Hydrochloric acid,, another nature friendly one is acetic acid both of the above are diluted with water.

The rotating Kärcher head is first class and fast, the T racer is OK for annual cleaning when things are not that dirty.

Do bear in mind that patio cleaners can damage the surface of man made stone and are fairly safe on natural products

All of the above acids are obtainable from Industrial engineering and cleaning agent and wholesalers
I use TFR (Truck wash). £30 for 25 ltrs. Don't get it on your hands or aluminium neat though;)
That's good stuff Grav ...

We get it from a little chap called Angelo who drives around in a van ...

They do a slightly less powerful version , that is blue called ' Angelo's Super Clean ' even that strips skin ..... :crazy:

Truckwash is evil though ....
Cheap but effective....................

Sainsburys sell economy bleach for 29p/litre. That will do the job.

Be careful not to get it on plants or parts of the garden where things grow which you dont want to die. Also, dont splash it on clothes or skin. Wear appropriate PPE such as goggles and rubber wellys.

Apply when its dry and sunny. Easiest method of application is a broom dipped into a trough used for prepasted wallpaper hanging and filled with bleach to about a depth of 1-2".
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