slippery vito 120 asr switch off.

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Mar 27, 2011
australia melbourne
vito120 w114 coupe e240 911 turbo black
l know there has been many post about switching off asr and you tube show you hows... l must be missing something. how do l switch asr off so l can get some grip on grass and gravel roads.
There should be a button on the dash saying "ASR off" ...

Not had to use it on ours yet, even towing a 1500 kg caravan out of a flooded field!
yes lm aware of that as my 2 other benz cars have the same switch,though it only cuts in an out and is pretty much usless. l have gone to the trouble of changing rear tyres with a deeper tread pattern so it gripes a little better in the slimy stuff before asr kicks in .

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