SLK 100 Engine Rumble

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Apr 6, 2009
Bognor Regis
SLK 200 Kompressor
SLK 200 Engine Rumble

Bought my 54 plate SLK 200 21k miles four weeks ago and am very pleased with it but for one concern I now have.

On a morning cold start, I've began to notice a 2-3 second low level noise rumble from the engine which then disappears, I guess due to the oil pressure building up. If the car is left 3-4 hours during the day its also noticeable on starting the engine then.

From past experience, it sounds like big ends knock albeit not loud. However, how can that be with a relatively new and low mileage Mercedes engine !

So question is, am I being paranoid and / or is this typical of these cars?

My neighbour is an ex Mercedes mechanic and he commented after listening to my car that he'd never heard that noise on a Merc before.

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