SLK 230 - headlamp connector - help please!

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Apr 16, 2008
I posted a thread last week about changing out a broken headlamp unit.

Have just removed, refitted that easily. Just needed a 9mm and 10mm socket. Easy-peesy.

Unfortunately, Bosch have decided to change the design of the 4-pin "square/round" wiring connector in favour of a 4-pin "row" connector.

Can anyone tell me where I can buy the necessary female 4-pin "row" design to change for the square/round one that's on the original loom?

Many thanks,
Following the above, I visited my main dealer which, after the usual unhelpful "must be a problem due to non original part " lecture, resulted in a much more helpful identification from another parts desk assistant.

The replacement Bosch headlamp unit requires a specific adapter cable to link the "radiused square" 4-pin socket on the end of the loom to the "row" 4-pin plug which is now present on the back of the headlamp unit.

The part number (as at 08/10/08) is: MA170 820 11 15/98

Yours for £22.91 (inc VAT)

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