slk 230 kompresser

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Mar 22, 2004
I am looking at buying a 2002 slk 230 I dont know much about these and wondered if there is anything i should look out for
Thanks Mike
What spec is it? As a minimum it needs a full service history, check the roof works smoothly too. Does it have leather and electric seats? If so check they work properly and if heated that the pads heat up.

Check the rolling boot cover for splits. If it's damaged and won't pull over properly the roof won't work.

The condition should be commensurate with the milage but check all over for rust - also in the places you can't readily see.
slk 230

Thanks for the reply It does have a full history and i have seen all the receipts and Mots and the last purchase invoice
It is an Auto with black leather and its a a designo blue which is a really nice colour with wood /leather steering wheel and also the trim is burr maple
The roof does run smoothly
Hoping to collect next weekend
Is the wood trim black? I would expect it to be which would make it the Bird's Eye Maple. That's a good spec for a 230. Good luck and would love to see pic's.
Hi Yes it is Thats good news I will post some photos after we collect it

I wont want to be driving the e class any more

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