slk 230 roof problems

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Jun 6, 2010
Good afternoon sorry if this is in the wrong place

I have a 1997 SLK 230K AMG with a roof problem when I fist got the car the roof switch was disconnected after reconnecting it the roof opened no problem but would not close, I changed the pump as it was not running (tried a new really first)
the roof then opened with no problem when I tried to close the roof it would not move as the map shelf would not lift, if you lifted the map shelf as the switch was operated the roof closed perfectly, this worked all afternoon for at least 20 cycles. I tried the roof later that evening and

1. it opens perfectly

2. it will not close- it will wind down the windows
boot will open
roof then lifts about an inch then slams down (even if you try to lift the map shelf) if you pull (very difficult) the roof so the window is vertical then operate the switch it closes fine.

any suggestions please

many thanks

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