SLK 55 oil quantity check

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Mar 11, 2013
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I'd like to check the actual oil quantity in the SLK ('05, M113). On another forum I found this:

"With the IC in the display showing the odometer and the trip counter (not the after start or after reset screens) remove the key from the ignition if you had to insert it to change the screen then insert it place your hand on the reset button turn the key one click forward and press the reset button three times rapidly it does not always work but just keep playing with it should work eventually"

Works every time for me, brings up the engineering menu on Battery Voltage(UB), press Up arrow, up comes the oil check screen, BUT: that's as far as it goes. No further change in the display, no quantity displayed.

Either there's a fairly long delay built in before it displays, or there's another action required (not turning the key to Position 2 - that just turns the ignition on), or the system has a fault. Anybody know what if anything I'm doing wrong or failing to do?

(The oil level check seems fine).
When your on the screen that shows oil level with the dashes, put the ignition to stage 2 and the level will display in litres on the dash
and then if you start the engine whilst still on that screen, you will see it vary as the engine revs and heats up....

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