SLK 55 resonator and secondary cats wanted

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slk simon

May 18, 2009
Hi there, I have bought an R171 SLK55 which has had secondary cat delete and x pipe fitted and am looking to return to standard spec so am looking for a resonator box and two secondary cats? Hoping someone has changed theirs and done a secondary cat delete and xpipes fitted and had the old parts to sell? Kind regards Simon
Spoke to imran, he says second cats won’t make much difference so just looking for Resonator box if anyone has one for sale? Regards Simon.
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Unsure if these will fit your slk55.

Looking at the slk55 resonator and cats they look totally different to the E55k . Sorry the ones I have are no good to you.
Hi there,does the resonator have two pipes in,two pipes out? If so what would you take just for the resonator? Kind regards Simon
You have a PM.

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