SLK on the Continent

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Jan 17, 2015
280 SLK
I'm taking my R171 SLK 280 to Europe and would like to know what is the situation re. headlight beam adjustment.
Do I need to fit beam deflectors or do the headlights need to be adjusted manually ?

I heard that some Mercs have a " tourist " setting for driving on the Continent.
Have a quick look in the car's manual under headlight/adjustment; it should be in there if at all it can be done.
Thanks guys.
Haven't got the manual from the seller yet.
Car is a 7G-tronic with sportpack if that helps
Don't forget spare bulbs, fire extinguisher, hi-viz jacket, warning triangle, breath test kit etc. etc. etc.

You might want to check out the facts before you venture overseas.
You may want to check out the facts before venturing overseas

I have clocked up many miles in Western and Eastern Europe in my UK registered car, so no problem there.

Just the beam setting on a car I have not yet driven in Europe ?
I have downloaded an SLK user manual from Canada (the only one I can find), but cannot find any instructions for this :dk:
Enlighten us......

Two of the items stated are not needed but why believe some bloke on the internet, I wouldn't.

Look it up for yourself, AA or RAC might be a good place to start.
I enquired about this at the dealership the last time I was going to take mine over to Europe (I flew, in the end). According to them, there's 3 different methods according to model year: manual (a lever), on the STAR or on the instrument cluster. Mine (56 plate) has the manual levers, which apparently are a pig to get at. At least the dealer offered to do it for free (and reset them when I came back) if I dropped the car into them.

The time before I knew I wasn't going to be driving in the dark, so simply didn't bother..


Not bothered for decades......and I am far from being alone on this.

You might want to check out the facts before you venture overseas.

At least one of the listed items will be required somewhere in Europe.
Also, if you wear glasses to drive, some countries require that you carry a spare pair.
And don't forget the first aid kit.
Thanks everyone.
All bases covered now :)

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