SLK with GSOH seeks NE stud with STAR

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May 16, 2012
SLK 350 2005
Yes - sorry, but it is another message about making it possible to switch the "KPH" display under the gear readout to MPH (or outside temp) like everywhere in the world except the UK.

I have read everything on here (and elsewhere) about the issue which seems to be a matter of switching off the "UK" setting.

I have tried all the dealerships within 30 miles and the few that admit it can be done refuse to do it. Pointing out the holes in the legal argument makes no difference.

Most of the independents also say it can't be done, and the two that have heard of it don't want to get involved.

SO - is there someone, anyone, within a reasonable distance of Leeds who could fix this on my (wife's) 2005 SLK 350? Please???


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