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Discussion in 'Engine' started by Berry, Jul 23, 2008.

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    Dear All

    I own an SLK32 AMG and I suspect that a previous owner may have modified the engine. Can anyone tell me if these changes are likely to be noticed when I go for a service at an MB dealer and if so are they likely to over-write any software changes or invalidate my warranty? Should I make them aware that the car may have been modified before hand? Your insight and experience is greatly appreciated.
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    Welcome to the forum, and nice car!!

    I wouldn't mention it if you don't know for sure.

    The type of modification could be many and varied. If the dealer applies the latest software then it could overwrite a modified ECU map.

    However that would only be a problem if the modified map is an adaptation of a very early version of the standard map - when the car is connected to the dealers diagnostic equipment it would flag the ECU is an older version.

    If memory serves, the standar ECU map hasn't been changed since 2002/3 - the latter being the ;ast real year of production for cars destined for the UK, although there are literally one or two 2004 registered cars with this engine fitted, they will have been built earlier. Production continued into 2004 for the US market IIRC.

    Other modifications could be hardware, for example crank pulley and piggy back ECU - not software - in which case reapplying a standard map wouldn't cause a problem.

    Losing a modifed map will only cause problems on a heavily modifed engine, running very high boost, which is unlikely for a UK car.

    I hope this helps...
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    What warranty have you got?

    If it's one supplied by the company you bought the car from then - legally - you should be OK if the car was already modified when you got it.

    Be aware though that if it IS modded your insurance could be invalid if you haven't declared it. Remaps etc. are now a standard check by engineers in the event of a sizeable claim.

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