slow coolant loss C220 2011 - what coolant?

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Nov 21, 2023
West Yorkshire
C220 CDI 2011
evening all, have read several posts on here and other sites but struggled to find an answer

I've just become the owner of a C220 CDI Saloon, which I absolutely love so far. Sadly, the coolant warning light has illuminated. I spoke to my local specialist, where it's going for its MOT on 13th Dec, and they told me not to worry in the meantime and top it up with water. I duly added around a pint of water and it knocked the warning off

Today it had gone down again and triggered the warning, but seems to be holding at that level now and engine in staying at 80 degrees....I'm satisfied none is getting into the oil.

My question is - what coolant type do I buy? I'm stumped by the manual, it doesn't tell you what to use but it links to a website which doesn't work, and of course when I look online I find long forum posts discussing the relative merits of G48 and hOATs at great length, but no actual answer! I know I 'should' use genuine MB stuff but I know there'll be something I can get from a motor factors which will be compatible and will tide me over for 3 weeks until they can have a look at where it's getting out (hoping it isn't, but assuming it is the water pump)

I just want a litre to put a bit in in case it gets any lower, as I'm thinking "who knows how much the coolant might have been diluted previously?" and we're coming up to some frost next week

thanks if you can help
**update** - I've noticed dripping from the top front of the engine block, onto the belt causing it to spray, and then pooling further down in a tray. Looks like the dreaded water pump. Anyone know what I can expect to pay at a local indie specialist? From youtube it doesn't look like too bad of a job labour-wise but I've seen some water pumps at around £150 online!
Cheers tricky, do you remember what it cost for the pump? Did you do the job yourself or did s garage do it?

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