SLS air S212 2010my & 105000miles


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Apr 14, 2017
E350 CDi W212 Estate
My car had shown the classic intermittent fault(s) over the last 18 months.
Having repaired a level sensor on the rear I thought that was it, certainly improved, but over time the issue crept back but there was no set pattern.
Sometimes the offside rear would dip and other times it would be the nearside. Sometimes the car would remain level for days and days and on other occasions it would go down in hours. Sometimes the valve block would discharge briefly when the dog got out of the rear load compartment.
The compressor would run and inflate so that was ruled out, possible valve block issue but I left that as it was so easy to access should it need replacing later.
Then one day it was flat as a pancake on the nearside. Quick google and decided new bag time but where to buy. Arnott no chance with their prices, Aerosus possibly but in the end I got Meissler units via their Ebay shop of all places. Ordered Thursday 13:30 and by 09:00 Friday they were on my front door via UPS at no extra cost! All for £289.
The removal and fitting bit.
Undoing the air connectors at the top of each bag is a pig of a job due to restricted access, far easier to release the air pressure from the valve block to allow the bag to collapse. Once this happened it was much easier to remove the air connector.

The nearside unit was well and truly stuck in the bottom wishbone so needed big hammer to ease out. Once done the unit twisted out between the shock absorber etc. Nothing else to dismantle or remove. Refitting was as easy as long as the bag remains as small as possible. I greased the bottom wishbone to help relocate bag.

Offside was a nightmare by comparison. I had to undo the anti roll bar drop link and shock absorber out of the bottom wishbone. Then I had to lever the wish bone down significantly with a big bar to get enough room. This gave enough clearance for the bag to be removed by rotating the top down and outwards followed by the base. Again the base was stuck and needed big hammer. Getting the new one in was tight even with maximum clearance but it did go in eventually!

Reconnected the drop link and shock absorber.

Hard part was ensuring top of each bag was in line with top mount and then getting the bag to inflate with no load on it, bit of a brain teaser that one!
That has now cured my issue and two days later car still up as it should be.

I wouldn't bother undoing the shocker from inside the car, too much dismantling and still not enough clearance, far easier undoing the wishbone mountings.
Release air pressure from the valve block is so much easier.

Also getting the plastic trims off the wishbone required some patience so easy to break the mounting lugs off.
It is also plainly clear that it is impossible to check for bag air leakage with soapy water whilst the units are in situ due to the dust and debris cover covering the bag.
Glad its now done !

If you are thinking of doing it yourself allow for things to go pear shape and retain a sense of humour.........

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