Sluggish acceleration E250 W212

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Mar 27, 2014
W212 E250 CDi AMG Sport
I put my 2014 E250 CDi AMG Sport into Sports
Mode for the first time tonight. Generally the car drives like a dream and is possibly the smoothest car I have driven. It only has 63k miles on the clock with full history.

However, I wanted to open it up a little tonight to test its performance so got onto a dual carriageway and put it in Sports mode. The initial kickdown was fine but as the revs were rising so slowly and progress was really sluggish. Definitely doesn’t pull as I thought it should do and feels hesitant. Any ideas what could cause this? No warning lights on dash and generally driving about, it’s super quiet and refined.
Try the gearbox reset thing, lots of tutorials on You tube all entertainingly slightly different.
When was it serviced last, was the fuel filter and air filter changed?

My C250cdi takes off like a scolded cat if I want it to, especially in this cold weather. A partially blocked fuel filter has a big impact on performance.

I also noticed a tank of V power definitely makes the engine more responsive and eager to go. Not faster but just a bit more eager.
Cracked intake manifold is my guess.

I would take it to a Merc specialist these engines are known for this. Often doesn't throw a engine management light either.

Turn the car off, start it again and drive it and see how quick it is up to 3000rpm. You often find it is OK going downhill, will rev round to 4500rpm, but hit the pedal going up a hill/slip road and when it hits 3000rpm it goes into limp mode.

Does the eml light show ok in the dash when you start the car, in position 1?

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