Small ding/dent and chip - Best way forward?


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Feb 5, 2005

Was cleaning our new gle, bought last Thursday.
Noted a small ding and appropriately 1mm of paint missing. The indentation is round, front drivers door, about 18 inches off the ground inch below the contour line and 12 inches in from door edge. The ding is 12mm max and round and notice with sun shinning on paint

I'm sure it was there when we bought but not noted by us.
Not taken car to work or left on road unattended or taken to car parks.

Question, any dent/chip repair people you can name, more importantly recommend? I live with 4 miles of the Dartford MB main dealer. Did not buy car from them but hoping to get service pack and take car to them and may ask them Saturday about the visits from their 'ding man.'

As paint chipped as stated about, you guys think it can be fixed 100% vis dent/ding repair?

Btw, I emailed pictures and phone call to dealer I bought from and TBH expect no and would not argue with that. However, they offered 100 quid as its a "Grey area." I accepted and will send them the invoice. The chapt said something re their PDI standards etc - I politely reminded him of marks on interior, ie powder/finger marks, small marks seats, all seat belt rubbers not removed and clear plastic from rear chrome on the inside boot not removed. Having said that, I do appreciate the 'goodwill' of the dealer ie not Dartford MB

Cars on done 200 miles and noted this ding and I'm 99:9999999999% certain it was not there before but blame myself for not looking more carefully and can appreciate the dealers stance as many crooks out there, both sides.

So, any dent/ding repairers, at home or garage repairs around where I live please? Ideally one you may have used.

Many thanks as always

(PS - I orginally posted on the General thread - should have posted it here)


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Jul 19, 2009
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If you're willing to travel to Herne Bay, I can recommend Ryan Lythe 07584 684850. People on here have slated some ChipsAway franchisees, but he did a brilliant job on a significant gouge on my CLK last year.

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