Small Yellow plugs

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May 18, 2015
clk 320 coupe
I have a clk320 w209 2002,since purchasing the car i have had srs fault appear intermediately.I located the problem to under the passenger seat.There are two small yellow plugs that are lose,so i tightened them up with a tie wrap and the fault went.
Today i was cleaning the car out and i broke one of the small yellow plugs with the hoover.On the other side of the yellow connector is a blue and a yellow wire.Where the broken plug should go i have a brown/blue and a brown wire hanging lose.
Can this connecter be bypassed by soldering the wires together if so what colour wires goes together.If this can’t be done can anyone be kind enough to point me in the direction off where i can purchase a new connector
I imagine that they are the same or similar to the yellow connectors in the SL.

Mine have recently been replaced, of necessity, by ''upgraded'' yellow connectors by Star Motor Services, Caversham.

Known issue.

I was just hoping that i could get away with soldering the wires to each other.I can’t seem to find out any information if the plugs are just through connectors or they have some sort of resistance or semi conductor built in.
Replace the connector shell ... The one on the car's wiring loom should be A041 545 01 28

You need to clip up the safety lock part and then use a spike to press the metal tab on the metal part of each pin as you pull gently on the cable


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