Smart Forfour Brabus

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Aug 5, 2005
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I had a go in one of these last night, all I can say is OH. MY. GOD. what a hoot to drive.

I was in Milton Keynes (ironically enough not too far from DCUK's headquarters), so got to 'explore' the car's capabilities on some sections of dual carriageway as well as a series of roundabouts.

The highlight of the test drive was a short little blast against a 55 plate Evolution C-Class Coupe (200K), who tried to undertake me, the Brabus absolutely annihilated the Coupe :eek:

In terms of power, you wouldn't know is was turbocharged as there is no lag, it more feels like VVT (I believe that this is an evolution of the 1.5cc Mistubishi Colt powerplant).
From a handling perspective, there was just enough understeer so you could drift off roundabouts a treat - I get this impression that it would make a surprisingly good track day car. I didn't turn off the traction control as it wasn't my car! But is ASR wasn't that aggressive, and would allow you to slide a little before it kicked in.

The brakes were excellent, but lacked the feel of the Mercedes units, biting quite hard - I guess this was because the car was new.

My only other comment was the throw between 1st and 2nd was a bit notchy, the rest of the gears, including reverse were really quite nice.

The interior is really quite good, and the version I drove had the COMAND centre console out of the C-Class, my only comment on that is that the software still has the same colours as the C-Class (blue), whereas the rest of the dash illumination was yellow/orange... The steering wheel is a little odd, but I could get used to that.

All in all a stunning package!

Anyone else tried one of these?

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