Smart Roadster coupe for sale - fully refurbished

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Jan 16, 2020
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Smart Roadster Coupe (Engineered by Mercedes Benz) for sale

The nearest thing you will find to a fully refurbished Smart Roadster Coupe

The previous owner to me started the restoration, suspension at both ends was removed, all rust removed and then repainted. New wheel bearings fitted all round. The wheels were refurbished, they look brand new. New Bridgestone tyres fitted all round, these have done less than 500 miles. He carried out a full engine strip and rebuild, everything check (bores, crank journals etc), everything checked out OK. New piston rings were fitted, and new valves as one had burnt. New plugs were fitted

At this point I bought the car 18 months ago. Was sent to S2Smarts this summer to complete the reassembly. New timing chain was fitted to the engine, a refurbed turbo imported from Europe as recommended by S2Smarts, New coolant pipes (Turbo to engine block and water pump to turbo) were ordered from Ed Smart Parts in Holland (cost 290 euros, plus another £65 import duty).

On top of the above S2Smarts have supplied and fitted the following new parts:
Water Pump
Crank Sensor
Starter Motor
Oil Sump
Control Torsion Arm x 2
Flywheel and Clutch
All new gaskets and belts, nuts, bolts and washers
Both engine mounts and gearbox mount
Plug lead set
Handbrake cables x 2
Rear Flexy Brake Hose x 2
Rear Slave Cylinder x 2
Crank Breather

A fresh MOT was passed, and I brought the car home to put some miles on it to check everything was as should be. The air con wasn’t working, a replacement compressor was fitted and the system regassed by S2Smarts

The car itself looks great, its fully loaded, so black leather heated seats, steering wheel paddles. Has the standard smart radio/CD player but with additional CD autochanger.

The roof looks like it is new, I have no evidence to prove whether it has been changed. Likewise the rear quarter windows are perfectly clear, no crazing or haziness and may well have been changed for new ones by a previous owner

The only flaws I am aware of are a scratch on the Tridion cage, and some light scuffing on one rear arch

I’ve done less than 500 miles since reassembly, the car hasn’t been outside/uncovered since 2020.

Only selling because my needs have changed since I started this project, I’ve already bought (and sold) another roadster I used as my daily, but now I have too many cars and am hardly using any of them

Price reflects the work that has gone into this car, you are buying as close to a new car as is possible. There are two keys, all original books in the folder, loads of the original service history, but given how much has been rebuilt or changed for new parts, it is not so relevant, but it is there

As above, I have too many cars so the Smart Roadster is garaged at my mum’s house (HP17) 4 miles from me – so viewing strictly by appointment only, and at weekends only

As with all Smart Roadsters, it is ULEZ compliant and one of the more fun ways to travel around London

Looking for £6,495 ono


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