Smashed door on SLK 200 K

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May 12, 2005
Amsterdam, Netherlands
2006 Edition CLK 280 Coupe
This was a full side on impact of a Fiat van hitting me at 80km's after the driver bust a red. The SLK is now back as good as new. The van was, well f....'d. The car chassis was untouched. I've even taken it in to be serviced and had it fully checked and they couldn't tell that this damage had taken place. They consider it accident free. :)
Ouch. :eek:

Looks like the side impact protection did it's job though, very little damage inside the door.
Glad it 's now back to looking how it should. That was one significant impact though :eek:
ouch! Glad you and your car are now OK!

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