smashed head and nose

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May 22, 2010
1997 C280 V6 Elegance Auto Facelift. 1992 Kawasaki ZZR1100 C3
Well folks i don't know whether it's as i'm getting old but always seem to be hurting myself while working on my car but the last injury takes the biscuit. I managed to slam my bonnet down on my head cutting it badly and also managing to push my glasses down onto my nose cutting the top of it. I am trying to laugh it off and am wondering if i should pay someone else to do my servicing and repairs but i so love doing it myself and save a fair few quid in the process. I'm only 56 and don't think its time to give up yet. Hahhh. Cheers, T.
Wars bring scars.
Glad it's not a war though looking after my c280 ! T.
When did you get your eyes tested last? serious question. I reckon the greatest cause of accidents with older DIY guys is fatigue. Its when you are tired that those seemingly trivial mistakes can happen.
Sorry to hear about your injuries...

How the hell did you do that?!? I dont think I could even recreate it? W202 bonnets required a fair amount of force to pull down
Has your bonnet got locking catches? I never knew my S320 had them until I saw a mechanic use them to keep the bonnet locked high in the air, avoiding any possible injury from it banging down on the bonce.
Keep your chin up...........oh, hang on, perhaps not :crazy:.
Well i accidentally pulled it dawn and keep forgetting about the grille being attached .im not sure quite how i did it but it stunned me for a minute Thanks for your concerns chaps Cheers, T.
It's the car we're worried about .Please tell us it's ok !!!:)
Well I hope you heal soon. Sounds nasty. But in the true tradition of the forum. Let me tell you about the time the gas struts had failed on my Range Rover Tailgate. I can still see stars now just thinking about it. I hope like me you shouted out things like "Golly Gosh, that hurt or Goodness me what a silly billy I am" At times like these helpful suggestions from the wife like "why don't you be more careful" can lead to justifiable homicide.
Can you not sue for there being no warning buzzer - bonnet closing stand clear. You can sue for everything else. Hope you and glasses recover.

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I will see the funny side of it after my stitches are out i'm sure. T.
Ouch....dropped an XJ6 bonnet on my shoulder once and those things are bloody heavy....(!) A pal at school - not 'Dave' honestly - slammed his own head in the drivers door of his own Escort while trying to impress the chicks......6 stitches behind his right ear and nil points on the cool scale. Ho hum....

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My son shut the door of my previous car without removing his index finger first :crazy:.

Guitar player too - though he's young ,so he healed pretty quickly.
I would say if you enjoy doing it - keep doing it and slow down a bit?

Normally bad stuff happens when you try to rush or cut corners or aren't concentrating.

I don't enjoy servicing my car anymore and the number of tools I'd probably need now would make it uneconomical to do it. Not to mention the hassle if lifting the car up and supporting whilst stuff is done. I don't fancy 1.8t of phat Merc landing on me...
Easily done if your mind is on something else at the time . My wife was chatting to me as i brought a bonnet down a few years ago and I managed to catch her on the head with it . Eight stitches and a few days off work has made both her and me a Tad more wary .
I did exactly the same thing with a saxo when i was younger. Was doing something....cant remember what.....under the bonnet. now being 6ft 2 and leaning under the bonnet of a lowered saxo doesn't feel too great on the old spinal column, So i left the bonnet of its stay and pushed it up vertical, the same sort of way a 202 bonnet goes but its just a standard hinge and doesn't have a lock!

Rocked the car backwards and forwards a bit to listen for something and the next noise i heard was that clank/whomp (i think ill call it a CLOMP!) that a car panel makes, in stereo, extremely loud with a searing pain in my crown!

A night in LGI, a load of stitches, and a copy of the xray which showed a fractured skull later.....i was back home with a headache and the wearing effects of concussion!

i got hit wit the bonnet catch too......probably why i did so much damage!
Looks like chappies that i'm not the only one to damage myself while working on my car. That gives me confidence to carry on what i love best of all. Cheers, Tony.

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