smashed mercedes slr?

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Apr 23, 2005
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Just got this... has prince nas just wrote of a mercedes slr???
i hope not. the muppet


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I saw he's had a crash fled the scene and got himself arrested but I didn't know it was an SLR. What a total waste
i nearly cried when i saw the photo.. had to google it a few times to make sure!! i was convinced it was the new slk! obvioulsy not!
The blokes a Class A ****....

Mercedes should vet buyers and if you seem like a pratt, they should tell you to be on your bike.....

Running off as well ? look at the number plate...... what a clown....

Even one of the 'weekend policemen' should be able to use his 'detective skills' to figure out who the car belongs to .......

EDIT : what's he a prince of anyway ? being a **** ?

sorry , too many Stella's !! :eek:
This has been coming for a long time. I have personaly been nealy hit by him or some of his entorage on a number of ocations!!!!! :mad: And im suprised he has not killed anybody with the way he drives around sheffield!! And yes, i do live near this class A ****!! The first time, he was in a Diablo at 8.30am. I was on my way to work and heard this very powerfull car long before i saw it, the next thing i know is seeing a black Diablo in my rear view mirror overtakeing a very long line of cars. At this point i see a car comeing towards me and him in the oposit direction, he is then forced to pull right in front of me to avoid a collision causing me to lock my brakes to avoid hitting him!!! :mad: :mad: He then wheelspins off leaving me and the driver of the oncomeing car looking at each other in disbaleaf!!

The second time, i was pulling out of a side road when all of a sudden a 4X4 doing about 100mph flashed passed!!!!!! I saw the car later that night and it had a NAS numberplate on it. I later found out it was his brothers car.(who was in court not long after for chasing an inocent driver and beating him up!!)

The last time which was about 6 months ago, i was turning into a side road when an AMG M class came flying up the other way. As i watced it, it just turned towards me!!!! The driver at the very last second hit the brakes and stoped about 6 feet from the side of my car!!! That got my heart pounding i can tell you :mad: About half a mile down the road the merc passed me on a blind bend followed by the prince himself in his siver merc, not unlike the one he has just smashed into another car!!

A couple of people i know have had a few near misses with this **** too.. They should ban this ***** and his entorage for life before they realy do kill someone :mad:

Unfortunately he is not the first boxer to do this and sadly he will not be the last.

If the driving of both him and his family is as bad as described, then I think we owe it to the local community to write a formal letter to the Chief Constable describing in detail the antics of these incidents.

It sounds like someone is going to get killed by their total disregard for the safety of other road users. (that includes pedestrians)

I like Maff's contribution, but I wonder if Mercedes-Benz have an interest in this vehicle?

Take care,
The only real shame is that mercedes make such safe cars that he can have a collision like this and still manage to get out and run off.
The next time someone writes "Innocent until proven guilty" they really must read this thread!

Seriously though, what wouldn't you give to be the Claims Investigator on that one?!!

I suppose it is wrong to judge things merely by looking at news footage, but it looks like the SLR has just negotiated a blind brow of a hill which is controlled by a double white line system.

Gerald Nabarro a 'notorious' MP once famously stated that 'Money buys innocence' He was a very big chap, with a whopping great big handle bar moustache. He had an accident whilst driving the wrong way around a roundabout. He 'claimed' his female secretary was driving at the time, even though witnesses had described him in detail to the Police.

I wonder who was driving the SLR at the time of this incident????? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Money talks, the guilty walk.

None of us know for sure at the moment who was actually driving this super car.

Regards for now,
Now I read a comment on another Forum not that long ago about that twerp and his hangers on having earned a stinking reputation for really bad/aggressive driving in and around his native Sheffield. It was also suggested that he had earned a two year driving ban at some point, which if true might explain why he is supposed to have legged it.

But no matter. He can go buy a replacement toy, maybe this one if he can stand it having been pre-owned by Lennox Lewis :D

Otherwise he should stick to that all ham and cheese "magic carpet entry in the ring" routine of his.
He obviously can't handle the power either, didn't he write off a ferrari a couple of years ago?.

Judging from the pics in the press to lose a wheel he/the driver must have been tanking it.

Is he the first to write of an SLR?, didn't a journo do one in during a test drive?
Found this shot (there's a few more).

Sad, sad, sad.


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Actually, this one gives a better view of the damage. :shudder:

Not sure you'll be wanting the engine Maff ;)


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he's an out and out idiot who should be banned from drivng if what's been said is true! He's a danger to everyone on the roads. His ego and head are far to big!! :mad:
Hi Flyer,
Your two pictures compliment each other. The one where the SLR is still on the road looks dramatic, but on the flat-bed it looks like both doors are now closed, if this is the case it just highlights the excellent safe design.

On the news footage it looks like the car has crested the hill, no doubt the double white line markings would have prohibited any overtaking whilst travelling up the incline?

One of the other cars was cut open by the fire crew and is not a pretty sight. Is this going to be another case of where the innocent party is the most injured?

What's the betting, that whatever it costs, McLaren will buy it back? Certainly a very strong passenger shell John.

Don't like boxing at all; most (all?) of the protagonists are not very likeable individuals. Even that young guy from the Olympics seems to be getting above himself.

BBC website said:
Hamed, 31, and two others were arrested after the star's Mercedes sports car collided with another car in Sheffield on Monday, injuring two people.
He is NOT a star; he is a boxer who has been on the television and comes across to a lot of people as arrogant and self-centred. Lazy journalism again from the BBC.

I'm reminded of a quote from Top Gun:
Stinger said:
Son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash.

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