Smashed Window Fiasco

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Nov 2, 2008
The start to the New Year was going so well, until....

C Class Sports Coupe W203 car passenger side window smashed by yobs.

Called local Mercedes Benz garage to arrange repair. Was told window part would have to be ordered from Mercedes Milton Keynes and would arrive next day. Booked car in for next day repair.

Drove car to Mercedes garage before 9am and check in with the service department. Went to work. Heard nothing all day. Decided to call at 4pm for an update. Now here’s the interesting bit….

I was told the replacement window did not fit my car (okay I thought, usual level of incompetence to be expected). Then was told that the part was ordered using the chassis number and the garage was having a debate with the head office who claimed this was the correct part. The garage technicians claim the part is missing some ‘holes'.

To top it off, apparently the regulator is damaged and needs replacing (£60 cost) and this has to be ordered.

To add to the fiasco, I purchased the car from Mercedes Direct in October and recently noticed that both door speaker covers were damaged. I had arranged with the dealership who supplied me the car to have them replaced under warranty. This appointment was booked for next Monday. Due to having the window smashed, the car will be in the local Mercedes garage and not in the dealership garage on Monday. I requested the repair of the speaker covers to be completed while the car was being repaired as the door cards on one of the doors would at least be removed and so could be repaired at the same time. I was told this was not possible as the local garage would not repair it under warranty. I requested they called the dealership to sort it out between them, and heard today that they have been so far unable to speak to the service manager at the dealership.


Car will not be ready until next week, possible Wednesday while the window part is sourced and reordered.
Additional cost of £60 for a replacement regulator.
May have to take another day off work and drive a 3 hour round trip to the dealership where I purchased the car to have the speaker covers replaced under warranty, unless they agree between themselves and the work is completed at the local garage.

Question: Would the force of someone smashing the window cause the regulator to fault, or is this a warrenty issue?

Advice and any comments please from fellow members….Thank you for reading this.
I think that would depaned on how they gained entry. If they forced the window down it might sprain the regulator mechanism.

I was under the impression the regulator might be being ordered to fit the window glass, is this not the case.?
The window glass was smashed in the center by a hard object. I fail to see how this could sprain the regulator mechanism.

Just ask them for the old part, tell them you want to keep it cos........ you will think of something. Then check it to see if it is broken.

PM your VIN and i will try and look up to see if there is anything strange with part nos for new glass, maybe needing different regulators or whatever.

230K, thanks for the reply. It seems I can't send private messages, though I have made several posts...any suggestions?
230K, thanks for the reply. It seems I can't send private messages, though I have made several posts...any suggestions?

You need 30 posts....
I have over 30 posts. Still can't send a private message :-(

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