Smell of burning oil inside car and a lot of blue smoke at start up pls help

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Jun 9, 2011
Sorry I was not able to post this in the W164/X164 Forum, pls kindly movie for me to the right forum!
My car is 2010 GL450Cdi with 177K miles. I do regular oil, oil filter and fuel filter changes at every 6 months.
A few months back, while cruising on the highway, I noticed a peculiar tin-like sound emanating from the left side of the engine whenever I pressed the gas pedal. Despite the sound, the car continued to drive normally, and this occurrence became frequent. Recently, I observed that if I leave the car unused for a day, the next day, upon the initial startup, there is a noticeable smell of burning oil inside the car. As I drive, I can see a significant amount of blue smoke emitting from the exhaust in the rearview mirror. The car also prompted me to add a liter of oil at the next fill-up. To my surprise, it required a total of 4 liters of oil. Upon inspecting underneath the car, I found no signs of oil leaks. What could be causing these issues? Is it possible that one of the turbos is malfunctioning, or could there be another underlying issue?

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