Snow! for those who are fed up with the moaning! (light hearted)

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Aug 12, 2005
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Yes it wasn't great weather, yes some people were worse effected than others and I for one are fed up with peoples terrible driving skills but anyone who's fed up with the moaning feel free to post here!

'Snow costs the UK millions' about all the cafes and restaurants, outdoor clothing shops, super markets, garages, recovery companies etc etc etc who did very good business yesterday.

Where were the gitters?...I saw plenty but of course it's going to be difficult to cover almost all of the UK road system with grit!

Russia and Canada can cope, why can't we?...because it happens to them every single year and if we were to prepare for such an event it would cost the tax payer millions for something that rarely happens.

Your tiny side road is covered in snow...get of your backside and help clear it!

If World War 2 happened in this day and age everyone would spend their entire time moaning about the situation and then blame someone else when the Germans invaded!

Just consider it a days holiday and stop moaning!!!! :)
You go far in your 430 yesterday ? 'cos i certainly didn't !! ;)
I heard on the radio that during WW2 instead of bombs the Germans should have dropped snow on us :)
You go far in your 430 yesterday ? 'cos i certainly didn't !! ;)

That thing stayed on the drive as it barely keeps traction in dry weather!! :D

Bout as useful as a chocolate teapot!

Took my old sacrificial motor to work today (Ebay runabout, P reg Audi A4) which is still only FWD but it doens't matter if anything happens to it!! :devil:
Ha !! :D

It was all i could do to move it from the road , 20 yards round to the garage , was all over the shop !!
I wish we HAD snow, had a bit of a flurry but had to go searching for it on the moors to find some proper white stuff....
Stay off the moor ...... stick to the path ......
Me too .... :eek:
American werewolf in London? I saw that when I was a kid and it scared the c**p out of me:eek:

The scene in the London Underground still pops into my head if I'm coming home from a late one in London.
Just been to Kiln Lane in Epsom - chaos with the foot of snow trying to move cars about and one guy slipped over and broke his leg :eek: .

Epsom MB seemed to be having a staff snowball fight :D.
well said Chris.

I flew in from Germany yesterday afternoon, landed at 4pm, bags out on the carousel within fifteen minutes, hired a car and was home in London by a quarter past eight.

it wasn't pleasant driving but the system worked. all the way down i was listening to the horrors of the road network and yet I didn't stop once never mind queue.

congrats to the gritters, highways agencies etc etc. from where i stood it was a very effective coping mechanism at work.
Personally, living in Surrey I can't see the point of winter tyres, we just don't get the extremes of weather that would warrent them imo..

above was posted by me a few months back in the winter tyres thread.. :eek: :eek: :eek:

Pic below is my car stuck on a friends drive in .....Surrey :rolleyes: :eek: :eek:

They still have not gritted all roads round near here, some of them quite busy roads. Thats 2 days after the snow!
Oh bu**er the idoits are back on the road.

Now I wish that we were all still stuck in snow and everyone was too busy moaning about the state of the country to go anywhere!!!!

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