So, AMG owners, how’s your Fuel Consumption?

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My brand new CLA45s Shooting Brake go delivered just over a week ago, so far done 414 miles, trying to take it easy to break it in (not easy) but so far I'm averaging 23.2mpg. Seen up to 40mpg on a motorway journey.
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W212 e63s combined, 22.5mpg. Motorway typically 26 to 28mpg

C63s 25mpg combined. 28 to 33ish mpg on motorway

W211 e63 17mpg combined. Up to 22mpg on motorway
I did 300 miles each way to Cornwall on holiday (boot full of touring gear) and averaged 39mpg on that journey. More mixed driving comes in low-30s.
2003 SL55AMG 25.6mpg on a steady 70-75 motorway cruise... of 150 miles.. was impressed...
my 31 year old G wagen 280GE Auto only manages 12mpg at 65mph and that has only 150bhp at the crank! slightly less aerodynamic!
Just beat my record!! A few motorway runs in this. Got 222 miles before I needed to refuel.

18.7 MPG in a w204 C63. :cool:
Interesting to see how everyone’s fuel consumption is going?

I use the free app ‘Fuelly’ to record all of my petrol fill ups and calculate my fuel consumption.

So in my 2011 C63 125 Edition, my latest average is 13.6mpg. The best I’ve had is 16.5mpg.

I live in Essex, most of my driving is in town/city. I only use Shell V-Power. But I only use the car for leisure and pleasure. I don’t use it for work or drive it every day.
My S211 E55K ESTATE (Obsidian Black/ Anthracite Leather, Fully loaded with distronic, active drive dynamic seats, climate cooled seats, keyless go, active curve BiXenons, front and rear Climate Control, parktronic, command DVD navigation, CD Changer, TV Tuner, Harmon Kardon Surround - FULLY LOADED) gets 12.5mpg commuting to work and back and 23-26mpg on a run!
CLS 63 SB, 20-22 mpg in general use; I've not done a really long run, but cruising at (ahem.... sorry, officer) up to 85 where clear and safe I'm expecting 25-26 mpg on a long run. Both figures are about the same as a W211 E500, but with 550 bhp on tap, the performance is in a different league altogether... Just as well I didn't buy either car for the fuel economy, really.
I was on target to beat my best of 27.3mpg yesterday (E63 5.5), but failed in the last 10 miles due to gratuitous overtakes.

I drive for fun, not economy, but keeping the motorway speeds to (mostly) under 80 helped yesterday. Unfortunately the A roads were less doesn't take many 75% throttle overtakes to savage the mpg.

Still, 120 miles with two stop offs, and driving through Cambridge at rush hour, with many A road overtakes... over 27mpg is pretty good!
Unfortunately the A roads were less doesn't take many 75% throttle overtakes to savage the mpg.
That's why you bought it, though - it's there when you want it...
I'm beginning to worry about the longevity of my driving licence again...;)
Got 27.8 in my w204 c6373F4398B-93B7-42B5-8F59-6324F463E63E.jpeg
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It's not. People have recorded 30mpg on the trip computer.

However, the 204 C63 reading is optimistic. I got an indicated 25mpg and when calculated it was 23mpg. If it says 21 it's actually 20.
There’s a fault code on your dashboard saying “ECO” displayed at the bottom in yellow. Press the “Eco” button on your central console to clear it. ;)
I didn’t notice that! I will make sure that never happens again….. 😁

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