So best and worst GTG's you have seen ? Car wise

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Jul 1, 2010

Just had a convoy of old American cars go past my shop which was interesting if not my bag and living near brands hatch and Bluewater I've seen them all but my personal "worst" was seeing the PT Cruiser OC AGM at my local summer fair last year , still have the burn marks on the back of my eyeballs from all the chrome :)

So what have you seen ???

Two volvo`s parked outside my shop :D
I just don't get PT Cruisers. They are just crap in every way
A local Retro-rides meet in a layby with portacabin cafe looked a bit sad, thought here were two DeLorean there.
The Allard Owners club get together on my drive (all two of them) being the best, the dodgiest being meeting some dodgy characters in a dodgy pub driving some dodgy cars in a very dodgy part of South East London a few years ago..:)
Worst car at a GTG. A 124 with a 210 front end.

I'm still waiting for the very best.
I just don't get PT Cruisers. They are just crap in every way

Have to agree totally. There is a guy in work with one of these horrors. He thinks it is the dogs nuts and really cool. I just think it's horrendous on all levels.
Have you ever driven one? They are just horrible.
Best GTG I saw was on a road. Whole load of BMW M3s went steaming towards me in very fast convoy. That looked like fun :D

I guess my highlands tour with all the Mercs charging up the Applecross road would be a highlight for a car GTG
every year we do an Equinox cruise on the longest day from Greenwich down to Hastings for chips , Beachy head for pics and Brighton marina for Mc D's , always a goodun.


worst are any PCGB meets ....
more the merrier , june 23rd is the next one , are you on the impact bumpers forum?Board Message

I'm not.

But I'd love to do it...if it wasn't for the ferry crossing and the long drive...from NI.

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