So best and worst GTG's you have seen ? Car wise

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Even if you had would you admit it in polite society :)
Ciaran, do you still have that lovely car?

Yes, but the mirrors have been put back to standard from the turbo version ones shown. And the reg is on my bro's Disco.

The photos are about 7 years old...but less than 10,000 miles since then and a bit of a garage queen at the mo.
A guy in the Citroen car club (of which I'm a member) told me a funny story of how he'd parked his Big 6 in the main street of a small country town one time.

He's used to people coming up to him and admiring it and asking questions but he was totally unprepared for this particular day.

One by one a swarm of Daihatsu Pyzars pulled up and took up the remaining car spaces around him. Apparently it was a Pyzar enthusiasts club out for a run!

None of them were remotely interested in him or his Big 6, they were too busy having vital Pyzar discussions! He said he'd never felt so bleeding obvious and so invisible all at once.

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