So how did you choose yours? (username that is!)

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My fave MB.
My first initial and a significant number from my cricketing past.
My friend at school called me Taniban after he heard about the Taliban. It stuck with me ever since.
A nickname I have never quite got to the bottom of [Shiny] and a love of [F1] and most other motorsport
My namesake plays lead guitar for the band (me and Jamie Lee are just good friends).
Because D-18 the model designation of this machine in which I have a share. My share is the bit of the wing you can see in the pic :)


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My friends called me G-Force because of my love for fast things..i used to have a Suzuki Hayabusa that was an absoloute rocket in it's day and people used to always mention the G Force they felt on full throttle accellorating.
Pants i know.....but you did ask lol
StevieB,as a derivative of my full name,was given to me when I was 15 by the man who was my best mate then and still is 40 years later.
Spinal is a character in Killer Instincts Gold... a character with which I was unbeatable... I could finish th game on the highest speed & difficulty with a single pound coin in the arcade version... and was rarely beaten in the N64 version....

I like motorcycles and have a Yamaha FJ1200, AKA, a Fudge 1200.:)
S500 (My car) / Colin (My name) ..,,
When I was instructing the others call my Pan European Starship Enterprise or Battle Ship Gallectica or The Mother Ship, and then When I bought another Pan it was Pan Man. Tricked out with a few bits of Hi Viz yellow and reflective blue strategicly positioned it was a given that on any ride outs and training days I was at the front creating space. It amazing how much the average car driver ASSUMES.
Either it is my first name with the initial of my surname and an extra y,
or it is because of my sunny disposition.

It was also my username on IRC many years ago, and people instantly knew that I was in the UK because of the weather.
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Got wed a few years back half way up Mount Cook on the neve of Fox Glacier, Aoraki is the Maori name for Mount Cook, simples!

You could even have had Pilatus.

After the plane that delivered your Perrier! :)

Fife Ness?

Well spotted that man! Yes, Crail is just under the wing - from memory, this is probably about 4,000 feet in the descent.

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