So today I bought an Xbox 360.....

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May 16, 2003
Had a read about the Media Center Extender capabilities, so though I would seek an XBox to try it out - I installed MCE 2005 on my main server machine over the weekend.

Checked out the Game website, and their store locator function was broken. Called them up for the number of my local store. Got that and called up to be told that they were being unloaded from the truck as we spoke. Jumped in a cab and 5 minutes later bought 2 x Xbox 360 Premium packs.

First thing to note is just how heavy they are. Two of them in one packing box is approx 15-20kg. Ridiculously heavy. The external power supply unit is the size of council estate.

Everything was well packed, and the unit was manufactured 11 days ago somwhere in Asia. Disappointed that the MS website mentions a freebie media center remote - neither of the units I purchased came with one.

Configuration is easy and quick. The machine seems to lag abit on CD/DVD access, but generally feels ok.

Got Project Gotham Racing 3 with the machine, and I can tell you now that it's close to the worst racing game I have ever played in my life, but it's very pretty.

If you've spend any more than 5 minutes playing and of the Gran Turismo series and enjoyed it - this game is not for you. Clearly a game for children and not adults, it is pure disappointment in the form of a £45 game. How they've sold even one copy of this game absolutely amazes me. I'm taking it back for a refund immediately.

The representation of the Nurburgring is comedic at best, and totally lame. I think that I now understand why the Xbox heroes crash upon arrival at the track, whereas the PS2 heroes live to see another day. :rolleyes:

Thats about it for tonight. No wireless adapter was available today, and the lack of an included remote means that it will be a few days before I can report back on the Media Center Extension capabilities. Don't have any ethernet cables long enought to get to the switch.

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