So today I got a..... Logitech Driving Force Pro!

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May 16, 2003
WOW! Ben splashed out on the mother of all birthday presents for me! A logitech driving force pro steering wheel.

We have both taken the afternoon off work and have the wheel mounted on the ironing board set to the lowest height, sitting in front of the big leather chair.

This thing is amazing. Nurbrgring just got a whole heap more realistic.

:bannana: :rock: :D :)
:D I've got one of them. A bit freaky the first time you plug it in and the wheel rotates left and right all by itself! The force feedback is awesome though, isn't it? :D

Works great on PC with GTR also.
I am gobsmacked at how much better this wheel is than all of the others that I have ever tried. So much more depth to the gameplay with the 900 degree rotation.

And you're right - the auto rotate scared the bejesus out of me. :)
Steve_Perry said:
And I thought you were a man who knew no fear :p :devil:


I thought this too, after all, he does drive with no hands :crazy: :eek: (see signature) ;)
I was underneath the table plugging in the power supply and I heard a strange noise behind me. Honest. ;-)

Grav - that pic was taken at about 120mph.

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