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Col Tigwell

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Jun 7, 2002
Well i do not understand what are the events leading to disatisfaction on the old UK Mercedes site, but I do wish you from Down Under, every best wish for this site.

Running a site for my old air force buddies, has shown me clearly that it is very easy, for people to get upset and hurt.

To run a web site, you need the wisdom of Soloman, but at the end of each day, the site should be there for the benefit of all, who visit.

Because of the secrecy that MB has undertaken with all late model MB's, then sites perform an important function, in that they enable members to keep their cars on the road, without what appears to be often high cost repairs, for what may be simple tasks, to some of us.

Until such time as MB understand, that many owners do not want dealers, learning the solutions to owners problems, buy running up large labour costs, often with no solution to be had on their first visit.

Many members, will take greater care and interest in their cars, than their dealer, for the simple reason that they have a vested interest in getting it right.  The fact that MB and their dealers, go out of their way, to make it difficult to either service or repair cars, by with holding information, to enable most owners to do the task.  In other words, they are activily encouraging the concept, that not only do we no best, but also will charge you for that privelige.

Today for example, we had a failure of the All Activity Module, which was impacting onto the remote locking, and in turn was inhibiting the starter function.  resetting was not always working, and after 4.5 hours, the dealer tracked it to a faulty module.  As this module in VIN Specific, then we have to wait 14 days, until a new module arrives, and hopefully the fault will go away.

5 hours to pick something, which I would have expected to have taken maybe an hour, I am glad that the warranty is going to pick up the cost.  perhaps some one can advise, do MB not use trouble shooting guides.  The dealers explanation was that he had not struck this problem before.

Any way that is what I believe is the real purpose of MB sites, members helping each other.




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