Soft top "knock"

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May 25, 2014
E class 220cdi
My eclass 2014 cabriolet roof opens and shuts but on shutting its makes a quite loud knock near the end of the shutting process. Any ideas as to what this noise could be, anyone found and fixed this problem?

Thanks, Pete
When the roof on my SL closes , or opens , there is a loud knock as the hydraulic cylinders engage/release .

This isn't a fault ; it's normal .
Mine does this too, it's just the hooks engaging with the tonneau cover.
Thank you for your replies. I've had this car from new, never done it before? Hope you two are correct, Pete
If it's only just started happening I'd guess there's a fault. Get it checked for peace of mind.
Mine make a loud clunk when closing. I e had it checked out at the dealer and was told it was a characteristic and nothing to worry about.

What I'm worried about now is the water trapped in the doors and rear panels. I can hear is sloshing about, so it's going back into the dealer. At first I thought it was diesel in the tank but no, there's loads of water trapped in both sides of the car.
The water in the doors! That really is bad and I've never heard of that before, what year is your car?
It's a late 2013 model. The update version with the single piece headlights. I did a google search and found a few people with the same problem.

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