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hi ya, my car is going back in today as the ECO has never worked since I had the car from November.My exhaust is quite too, how did you get the patch to bring back the volume???

Not sure I can be of any help with this all I was saying is that my Jan 2017 car came with Version 10.0 2017 SatNav/GPS details.:thumb:
Hi ya,

Its engine / transmission software that needs updating
I think only MB can do that at the dealers etc.
How can I tell which version is on my car.

From memory -but I can check in-car later- you go into Navi and select Settings. Check them out I think the version details may be near the end but if not let me know and I will check for real asap.:thumb:
Think it's nav/settings/map version from main command screen
Think it's nav/settings/map version from main command screen

Thanks, found it, version V4.2, car registered 31/12/2015, going in for latest version next Thursday, map that is not car.
Let us know what version you end up with:thumb:

Will do, not having it done yet, change of plan, will probably wait till the next service

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