Solarbeam Yellow & Designo Selenite Grey Magno 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster

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am I sad, i like the yellow

You are not alone. I used to have a Passat estate that colour nearly 20 yrs ago. Loved that car. I see the latest Golf is available in the same Turmeric Yellow so it's obviously making a comeback.

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Solarbeam for me too, love yellow cars........

Have Mercedes just severely restricted sale's of their SL?


Probably. I think the average buyer of an SL63 would likely go GTc now. It'll be a lot more fun in the handling department.

I bought an SL as I was actually looking for a coupe. I don't like soft tops so the SL was a perfect convertible and coupe rolled into one for me. Basically it was the metal roof that sold me the car, the fabric one does nothing for me at all.

However I think the only SL that makes any sense these days is the SL400 which we have. It's a comfortable cruiser wafty GT sports type car.

For more speed, drama and fun then the GTc probably makes more sense?

I was after wafty, cruisy rather than shouty and front end grip/loud exhaust.
magno paint on GT/GT C Roadster is "cheap" at £2145, solarbeam is nuts at £7500 (used to be £10,000)

If your budget was SL63, you would be better off with GT Roadster at about the same price.

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