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Sep 9, 2007
Subaru Outback 3.0Rn
I admit I change my mind constantly with cars, one week its power the next why do I need power etc - very annoying but each to their own

I decided to forget a new car to replace the CLS55 and bought a private plate BDS 9 and a new ste of wheels and stuff for the Aston

The Cdi220 awakened me to the tightness of a new car (ooh err) and made me daydream about swapping the CLS again (combines with a mini glut of C63`s in dealers at the moment)

3 (yep 3) calls to MB lpool got me nowhere to discuss the C63 demo they want shut of and I didnt think any more of it

Then a nameless Audi dealer (not Lpool) called to say was I still interested in a RS6 they have as a demo with 2800 miles on in Nov when available, how much says I - make an offer says they - ooh says I sensing sphincter twitching at their end (after a set time the dealer must pay for the demos and they try to move them on before this date)

So I ask for a little time and went into thought mode hence Ive done no work this afternoon :eek:

I go to webuyanycar and as a metric I enter the CLS comes up £28,750 a fair price, then I enter the RS6 correct miles , age etc £52k :crazy: they wanted £76k for it a month a go, sooo I checked a few more RS6`s all low £50`s if nearly new. Im not taking a hit like that on a ex demo so the phone call will be mildly interesting to say the least.

However entering a nearly new C63 gives £37k so maybe webuyanycar doesnt want nearly new big stuff but likes older big stuff

I`d be interested in anyone entering their newish big engined car and seeing how close it is
Good luck with the RS6 if you go for it. A guy around here has one and it must be the ultimate Q-car - I thought it was a Passat estate, barely even registered. Then he gunned it out of a side road - and it looked like it had been shot out of a catapult! I don't know if the exhaust is standard, but the noise it makes is epic.. :bannana:

Probably does about 5 to the gallon, but what the hell... :D



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