Songs with Mercedes Benz in the lyrics?

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May 5, 2004
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Personally I can think of the following tracks that refer to 'Mercedes Benz' in their lyrics;

Hotel California - Eagles
Oh Lord wont you... Janis Joplin
You get what you give - New Radicals

Im sure there are more. Anyone know any others?
Lord knows - Meek Mill
Album: Dreams worth more then money
A couple of classic tracks by Beck spring to mind:

Sexx Laws:
"Brief encounters in Mercedes Benz, wearing hepatitis contact lens..."

Hollywood Freaks:
"Jockin my Mercedes, Probly have my baby, Shop at Old Navy, He wish he was a lady..."
Hotel California lyrics are actually 'Mercedes Bends' ;)
Outkast: Favourite things

"Buy me diamonds and rubies. I'm crazy 'bout bentleys. Gucci dresses and drop top Kompressors. Wine me and dine me"
A song thats mainly about a car
600 Benz - Rick Ross
"Summertime" by Will Smith (Yes, that one)

"Ridin' around in your jeep or your Benzos"....

There was a boy-band back in the 80's -90's called "Blue Mercedes"...they went the way boy bands do...

I've just realised how sad it is that I remember them.
Every Little Step - Bobby Brown

'i got a 560 SEC'
Notorious BIG - Been around the world ("or drive Mercedes")
Boyz II Men - Motownphilly ("black Benz, plenty of friends")
Tinie Tempah - Pass Out

CLC Compressor, just in case that dont impress her.

He also has so many clothes that he keeps them at his aunts house , or so we are told.

Jennifer Lopez - love don't cost a thing - in my defence it's my daughter cd honest.
Nothing wrong with L-Lo....though she's a bit hefty in the nether regions for my taste....

To each his own.
The diplomats - I really mean it

Damn man you terry cloth, that mean you very soft,
Gravy Mercedes, add the cranberry sauce

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