Sorely neglected 2.3-16

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That is a shame :( I don't now how cars like this just get left, I could't do it, there seems to be more and more "Cosworth projects" popping up these days...
Maybe another one for Neilrr...:D
Worried? The M3 mirrors just don't look right on Mercs IMO, they are way to popular for my liking too...:crazy:
Well, in my honest opinion the car is hideous. Standard cosworth, that's fine, but to put M3 mirrors on it (what's so great about them anyway), that's just embarrasing the poor car! :( Not to mention all the other features that have been added..

Some people.
Cracks me up when I see the bonnet star AND the grille star at the same time...just in case someone doesn't notice it's a Merc. All you need is a window sticker that says MERCEDES...."oh is it....though it was a cortina"

Pile of plop.
Shame really, I think cossies look best completely standard.
Hate the mirrors, too round on a square car.
Maybe a good project for someone at the right price!

EDIT: Just read feedback, he obviously sells a few cars, one buyer says "could have put more emphasis on the negatives" so buyer beware!
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