Sorely tempted

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my 300te is my daily driver -its on 145k miles. as long as its serviced regularly its ok.
Giving this a lot of thought.

I like to run my work cars for no real money..

So, MPG?, how easy to fit bluetooth of some sort - Parrot? Her Ladyship will want parking sensors for the gruelling 6 mile drive home from the pub / restaurant.

Come on chaps talk me out of it...
Don't do it.............o go on then -:)
A member here has an equally good E36 saloon for sale for about half that. A nicer colour as well. So thats nearly £6k saved, which buys a lot of petrol.
I've bought a couple of cars in the 100,000 > 200,000 mile bracket to run as daily drivers.

One K reg 325i back in 2001, on 124,000, drove like new and didn't miss a beat until I got bored of it and binned at 140,000.

As long as the history is there and it runs perfectly when you see it - no worries.

sorry mate this wont help

Avantgarde only do good cars
Jonathan is a gent
do not go to the showroom - you will buy something
ive seen that car its delightful
I like the manual 230 SL Pagoda they have
It's a proper mercedes straight six and will go 5 times more, not rubbish they put in cars these days. :D Like was said above a member has one for sale almost for half a price. :dk:
I use mine as a daily driver and love it. They are very thirsty if used in town but reasonable on a longer run. Don't be put off by mileage it will cope with it fine. There are the usual costs associated with running an older car but these are no different to a standard 124. If you go for the members car for sale most of the usual issues have already been fixed and so you should not have any major bills for a while. I would go for it!
My 95 320 187,000 miles coupe is my daily driver for the last 10 ish years.

Just recorded 33.5 mpg on a round trip of 240 miles over 2 days. Included several cold start short trips into local town.

I am running standard wheels with Michelin Eco tyres, and have half of the front grill blanked off for the winter.

I am however going to retire the car from daily driving to get the bodywork refurbished, and use it as a weekend/summer car.

Just bought a 1.6 Astra Mk4 (G) for £400.

Just need to do a major service on it including cambelt etc.

Wonder if I will notice much difference in driving it !!!!???

Positives; are better mpg and more direct steering, 2 extra doors and hatchback with ski facility through rear folding seats.

Negatives; are no more overtaking possibilities, but better chance to keep the clean licence.
I'm not doing anywhere near as many miles as I used to...

But 102,000 as a daily driver

Would you?

My Merc is currently on 173k miles and is my daily use car, but only because I keep using my old smokers as spare time cars.

107k miles is nothing for any car.
^ Thank the Lord - it is Easter after all - mine is just about to reach 110K.
Thanks everyone - just got back from a long weekend in Paignton.

Got a great B&B if anyone is interested.

Kept thinking how much nicer the drive home could have been...
Enough talk about B&B, get that car bought!!

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