Sound from right side when driving

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Feb 25, 2023
W205 C220 Bluetec
Good afternoon everyone,

My car has developed a sound from the right side of the car it has a sound like driving with a flat tyre but upto 20 mph after that goes. IT’s recently had new discs and pads all around with a new passenger side calliper fitted as previous one was seized.

It speeds up with rotation of the wheels but cannot figure what it could be. Checked all tyres and they seem fine just a loud sound.

The car is a 2014 w205 c220.

Anyone experienced similar issues.
could be that the disc was not fitted properly?
could be that the disc was not fitted properly?
Thank you for the reply. I don’t think so cause I’ve been driving the car for a few weeks since having them changed and has happened just 2 days ago when the car sat for 2-3 days and it was a good Mercedes specialist but the disc seems firmly fitted on ? Just really annoying issue.
When it was parked for 2-3 days was it in the open and raining?
If so it could be a rust spot on the disc which may be sorted by some hard braking
I would still have the wheel off and check all the bolts.
Checked the wheels individually and jacked up the car and put the car in drive and the noise wasn’t there but back on the ground the noise is? Not sure what it could be

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