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peter miller

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Aug 15, 2008
I have just purchased a CLK320 convertible which is due a service and an investigation into a leak in the heater area.I was looking to take it to MB specialists in Bridgend as it has previously been serviced there by the previous owner but I cannot find any feedback for them on this forum. I have however read some very positive reports on Stuttgart garage in Pontypridd.

Any advise or recommendations would be much appreciated.

OK, Sorted out the water leak problem which turned out to be an air lock sitting in the heater matrix or pipes, but still looking for any feedback on either of these twe garages.
Looking to have major service and gearbox oil and filter done.

I've been to Stuttgart Garage and can recommend it. The guy's been working on Mercs for 21 years and uses Merc parts.

There's also a guy in Glais (near Swansea) that I know of - he works out of his house - but I don't know what his company's called though. He's meant to the pretty decent too.
Thanks for your thoughts,

I am going to need an A service and gearbox oil and filter change. I will give Stuttgart garage a call in the next week to discuss. I have not been able to get any information on MB specialists in Bridgend, only a couple of previous stamps in the servicebook. and people seem very impressed with Stuttgart.
Whilst living in Cardiff, I had the misfortune to try Castle Cars in Rhumney, who are an indepent Merc specialist. All I can say is avoid at all costs.

I had a breakdown caused by the fuse going, which controls the gearbox fan. The AA came out, disconnected the fan as a temporary fix, but said I needed to take it to an MB specialist to get the fan replaced. I was being towed, and we took it to Castle Cars as it was the only indie the AA driver knew. Castle cars basically phoned up MB in Milton Keynes, who told them the fan was not necessary and that they could leave it disconnected. They kept the car for a five days, and charged me £220, allegedly for carrying out a diagnostic inspection. I honestly do not believe they even touched the car: they just phoned up MB, who told them that the temporary fix done by the AA was good enough. Complete rip-off merchants.

I have contacted Stuttgart garage and had a pleasent chat with Kevin, he seems to know his stuff and explained that rather than keeping to the service schedule by the letter, they prefer to assess each vehicle, carry out the service only replacing parts if neccessary, and will advise me of anything else that may require attention.
I have asked for an A service also a change of gearbox fluid and filter as I have no record as it has ever been changed and it has just past 50k. He said he would look for any evidence of it already being done before dropping the fluid. I cannot ask for more than that.
I have booked it in for next week where they will pick up the car 1st thing and drop it off when finished, this is very conveinient for me as they are 20 miles away and I would otherwise have had to arrange a lift there and back.
Over the years I have always been reluctant to trust the trade to look after my vehicles and on nearly every occasion I have had to have servicing or warranty repairs carried out by them (mainly main dealers) I have been dissapointed with the experience. Stradstones must be the worst of them all, when I had an XKR their attitude to customers was appalling, to be honest I have exprienced, Renault, Citroen etc and they were all crap, Only Honda provided a satisfactory experience.
That has led me to carrying out my own out my own servicing and repairs whenever possible even purchasing my own 2 post ramp to maintain my TVR, but I know my limits and have never owned a merc before and have no experience of what to look out for, and probably dont have all the tools and equipment needed. So If this guy is as good as people have mentioned on here It will be reasuring to know in this day and age to know I can trust a garage to be honest and competant.

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