Space saver wheel

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May 20, 2018
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2006 C220 Estate
My friend has just bought a 2008 I think it is a CLK convertible.
He showed a picture of his spare wheel with the tyre detached from the rim.

He took it to a tyre company only for them to tell him that’s how it should be.

It seems it has an inner seal and when connected to the on board pump will inflate.

I have never seen one like this so can anyone confirm this please.


  • IMG-20240407-WA0000.jpeg
    341.3 KB · Views: 4 wifes R170 SLK was the same.

They are great and work really well. its a shame they dont appear to be used anymore.
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Had one in my R230 SL but there's nothing in the R231. Very interesting watching them inflate but the same old problem of what to do with the full size wheel and tyre once you've swapped them? Especially if you have a large staggered rear wheel and tyre combo.
The only problem with that spare is that the tyre is 16 years old so might be somewhat degraded. I made some enquiries regarding fitting a new Vredestein tyre on a Porsche spare wheel and was told that you can only buy the wheel and rim together , no chance of just replacing the tyre.
Thats why I'm not messing with it , if I have a puncture and the collapsible spare fails I will just have to come up with another plan on the day .

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