Spark plugs.

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    Just had a partial service (filters changed; oil changed, sparkplugs changed and a health check including scan with star)... All's well but the lesson I learned is to check my plugs before buying new ones.
    I guessed that after doing over 62k miles I should change the plugs.

    On removal of the NGK platinums, they needed only a wipe and they looked like they'd only been in there a week! Anyway, the new ones went in so at least I have peace of mind.

    My local Merc indie guy is Nick at Parkham Garage, Wellingborough, who is a star and any local piston heads should pay him a visit rather than take out a mortgage at Merc, Northampton. (Last time I was in there I thought I was in the 'Dorchester').

    My ML55 AMG engine is a credit to whoever built it - there are no 'signature plates' on my engine but by Christ is don't half go....!
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    Whether you actually change the plugs or not, they should be removed and cleaned at the specified interval otherwise you risk them seizing in the heads.

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